Magic folk, creative folk, healers, modern mystics...

  • Are you no longer willing to waste my time and energy being part of the “machine”?
  • Are you carrying something that you need to do, and it’s painful to not be doing it?
  • Do you want to be of service, but it has to be in a way that you enjoy?
  • Are you ready to translate your ‘soul work’ into something tangible that can make money?


Hi, I'm Regina Gelfo

I help creative and healer types be of service to the planet through doing what they really enjoy - even if it’s weird or esoteric -  and learn how to get their gifts out there AND receive abundance through doing that.

I have over 15 years of experience helping creatives, healers, and small businesses get themselves out there through creating clear brand messaging and good design.

After the last 7 years of my intense healing journey, I now bring in my gifts as a healer & facilitator to create deep spaces of potent transformation that act as portals for my clients to step forward on the path of living their 'soul work.'


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Benefits of Working With Me: 

  •  Experience deep soul fulfillment knowing you are doing what you came here to do
  • Give yourself permission to follow the thread of your desire… the thing pulling you forward that you ACTUALLY want to be doing - and clearly see the value in that thing

  • By saying yes to yourself, create magic that positively affects you and ripples out to effect others too

  • Contribute to the evolution of planet earth as a place of love, beauty and abundance

  • Let go of the belief that you have to suffer to make money by doing something boring or unrelated to your passion

  • Do what you love, be of service, and be abundant!!

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