Healers, soulful artists, conscious entrepreneurs:

  • Are you kind of running your healing business, but not getting many clients, at least not well-paying ones?
  • Do you wish you could find a way to use all your favorite modalities within one business without it feeling confusing?
  • Do you know that your work has the power to facilitate deep transformation, but feel confused because no one is willing to actually invest?
  • Are you tired of avoiding sending your website to people because you're embarrassed of it? Or tired of feeling embarrased that you don't even HAVE a website for what you do?!
  • Or are you just getting some ideas on what your soul work is, and need help refining it into an actual business?


Hi, I'm Regina Gelfo

I work with healers, coaches, & artists who want to create a business out of their ‘soul work,’ or who have already turned it into a business but are not getting their work out there at the level they could be, who are ready to birth a bigger, more powerful version of their ‘soul work’ business and brand.

My work takes the form of Spiritual Business Coaching, Brand & Website design, and Shamanic & Energetic clearing and healing.  I’m kind of like a ‘producer’ for healers and artists, and an ‘intuitive’ / healer for your business.  I hold the big picture for you, help you iron out the details, tune into and remove stuck energy, and make it look beautiful online.

You come to me where you’re at, and I design a custom package for you based on your unique needs.



I have over 15 years of experience helping creatives, healers, and small businesses get themselves out there through creating clear brand messaging and good design. 

With additional trainings in Coaching, Conscious Business & Marketing, and Shamanic and Energetic healing, I now integrate my gifts as a healer & facilitator to create deep spaces of potent transformation that act as portals for my clients to step forward on the path of living their 'soul work.' 



I function as a gatekeeper, at the threshold of you discovering, or committing to following, your "soul work" at deeper levels. I welcome you Home into your Sacred Work, and help you create a tangible and successful business out of the seed of your idea. 

I work with clients in many stages of the process of launching a spiritual business or soul-based creative endeavor, including:

1. Clarification of what your “soul work” - or Sacred Work - is
2. Bringing together a diverse set of trainings, modalities and skills into a tangible offering that will attract clients!
3. Turn your hobby into an actual business
4. Clear stuck energy and limiting beliefs around money in your business so you can earn more!
5. Branding, visual design, website design - so your work looks as professional and powerful as you know it is!


Benefits of Working With Me: 

  • Experience deep soul fulfillment knowing you are doing what you came here to do... AND making a living at it!
  • Give yourself permission to do what you love, once you see how it helps people in a way that they will pay for

  • Stop "losing clients"... you know... that frustrating feeling when YOU can tell that someone would benefit from your services, but they can't quite see it  

  • Leave with visual branding (business cards, website, etc.) that you can't WAIT to give out, instead of something you're kind of embarrassed of that you don't really want to send around

  • Sleep better at night knowing that you ARE reaching those who need your medicine, and making a difference

  • Develop new spiritual tools to support your ongoing success in business, including self-care that helps you stay healthy and balanced even as your business grows

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